Tenka Hyakken - Meiji-kan e Youkoso! (天華百剣 ~めいじ館へようこそ!lit. Tenka Hyakken ~ Welcome to Meiji Mansion) is a short anime premiered on October 13th 2019, Every Sunday on 22:54 PM

Synopsis Edit

Sword with the appearance of maiden, Mitsurugi. They protect peace from the threat of Magatsuki. While fighting behind the scene, they work at Western Style Tea House, "Meiji Mansion" and wore a waitress outfit!

Starting with Jouizumi Masamune, Kuwana Gou, Goou Yoshimitsu, Nanaka, Yayoi, and the newcomers, Houchou Sisters as they joining for a slapstick comedy. The chaotic Mitsurugi daily life is now begin!


Director: Hashimoto Daisuke

Series composition/screenplay: Sato Yutaka

Character design: Hashimoto Daisuke, Higashi Ryota, Okada Naoki

Key animation director: Higashi Ryota

Music: Abe Takahiro

Music production cooperation: picnic

Animation production: Liden Films

Theme Song: Kurenai, Hana wo sakasete

Performed by: Ohanamishuu Tsumakigumi


Main Character Edit

Jouizumi Icon
Jouizumi Masamune
Voice Actress: Oono Yuuko
A Mitsurugi with a strong sense of justice. She was short-tempered and often become primary target to get teased by Goou.
Kuwanagou Icon
Kuwana Gou
Voice Actress: Takahashi Rie
A well mannered Mitsurugi that always care for the other.

She can be rather clumsy and misfortune always befall on her

Goou Icon
Goou Yoshimitsu
Voice Actress: Chisuga Haruka
Sukashi Masamune
Voice Actress: Iida Hikaru
The oldest among Houchou Sisters.

She adore Jouizumi for her strong sense of justice and wish to become like her.

Houchou Masamune
Voice Actress: Yanagihara Kanako
The second oldest among Houchou Sisters.

She adore Goou for her calmness and mature side and wish to become like her.

Horinuki Masamune
Voice Actress: Haruka Yuki
The youngest among Houchou Sisters.

She adore Kuwana Gou for her lady-like and mature female-figure and wish to become like her.

Support Character Edit

Nanaka Icon
Voice Actress: Shiraishi Haruka
Kind and polite girl, she work as a secretary for the organization.

She is Yayoi older sister.

Yayoi Icon
Voice Actress: Shiraishi Haruka
An energetic girl, she work as a mechanic for the organization.

She is Nanaka younger sister.

Tsuda Icon
Tsuda Echizen-no-Kami Sukehiro
Voice Actress: Matsuda Satsumi
A cheerful Mitsurugi that speak in Kansai dialect and one of Soboro's daughter.

Her name is somewhat long that she prefer others to called her "Tsuu-chan".

She often play the role of "straight man" (tsukkomi).

Soboro Icon
Soboro Sukehiro
Voice Actress: Taichi You
Namazuo Icon
Namazuo Toushirou
Voice Actress: Watada Misaki
Goko Icon
Gokotai Yoshomitsu
Voice Actress: Nomura Mayuka
Gotou Icon
Gotou Toushirou
Voice Actress: Kakumoto Asuka
Midare Icon
Midare Toushirou
Voice Actress: Shutou Yukina
Koga thumb
Voice Actress: Oowada Hitomi
A Mitsurugi with a power to control crow and able to communicate through it.

She has a higher position in the organization and act as the messenger.

She is one of the oldest Mitsurugi and she is somewhat old-fashioned.

Nukemaru Icon
Voice Actress: Kaneko Sayaka
A honest and straight forward Mitsurugi, she like to help other but due to her clumsiness she wasn't much of help.

Nukemaru has a habit of breaking through walls when she enters/exits a building leaving a human-sized hole dubbed as "Nukemaru Jump"

Inabagou Icon
Inaba Gou
Voice Actress: Koga Aoi
A Mitsurugi that love to eat especially rice.

She often compete with Momijigari to determine who is the best eater.

Momijigari Icon
Momijigari Kanemitsu
Voice Actress: Hanai Miharu
A Mitsurugi with a Lion-like appearance.

She possessed an incredible strength but she is often hungry.

Kashuu Icon
Kashuu Kiyomitsu
Voice Actress: Kuwahara Yuuki
Bright and cheerful Mitsurugi but her body is somewhat fragile.

She has a hematemesis infected from her previous Master and often vomit blood.

Kiku Icon
Kiku Ichimonji Norimune
Voice Actress: Akina


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Opening SongEdit

Meiji-kan e Youkoso Theme Song

Meiji-kan e Youkoso Theme Song



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